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In case you haven’t noticed from browsing the other pages, I’m a writer, actor, editor, content creator and communications strategist (and a kind person to boot!), with 15 years of proven experience, pitching, developing and launching digital campaigns, and immersive editorial experiences in the performing arts and media. I’ve worked and have associations with brands such as: NBCUniversal, PEOPLE Magazine, The Dramatists Guild and Chicago Dramatists.

Put simply, I love telling stories and supporting artistic organizations that have a similar mission. Let’s work together to share your vision with the world…or, the world wide web!  

Over the years, I’ve learned a thing or two (or several), and I’d be honored to collaborate with you by offering the following services:

  • Content development
  • Script review & editing (television & stage)
  • Editorial and content planning for social media outreach
  • Website review, creative direction and re-brand strategy
  • Strategic marketing & implementation of digital campaigns
  • Copy-editing & proofreading of marketing materials & creative briefs  

I don’t like to brag. But I get it, you need to know who you’re working with. So, here’s a few achievements that speak to my creative expertise:

  • Led editorial content & digital strategy for 100+ television series (scripted & unscripted) and original movies
  • Served as the creative director for SYFY Channel’s YouTube page, securing its first 100K subscribers, and built month-to-month growth, garnering 430k+ subs throughout my tenure
  • Established SYFY Channel’s first Black History Month coverage by pitching, writing and narrating a digital video series, 28 Heroes, which then inspired the channel’s first digital Women’s History Month series, 28 Sheroes 

Trophies aren’t everything, but they sure are nice! Here are some recent accolades I’ve racked up during my creative pursuits: 

Convinced that I’m the communications consultant for you? Wonderful! Let’s connect!

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